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DYNA BEST 5000 Antidecubitus Mattress with compressor

Dyna Best 5000 is recommended for prevention and treatment of decubitus sores of stage I and II. The overlay mattress is made up of 17 interchangeable cells in nylon/PU, 9 of which with holes. It is provided with a nylon/PU cover waterproof and fixed to the mattress with a zip. The compressor is equipped with 2 LED showing the pressure level. The base of the mattress is equipped with anti-slipping mats for safety. The cells of section C have a pillow function for the patient's comfort, as they are not working with the alternating system. The CPR valve allows a quick air release for resuscitation. The pump can be hung on the bed by two hooks.
Kit contains:
LTM930 - Air mattress with interchangeable cells and cover
LTM966 - Pump Dyna Best 5000 with pressure adjustment

Technical Features:

Compressor technical specifics (LTM966)

  • Feeding: 230V 50 Hz
  • Pressure: 30~60 mmHg (2psi)
  • Feeding cable: 3m 
  • Air release: 8 l/mn
  • Cycle time: 9 mn
  • LED Indicator: Low pressure
  • Dimensions: L:30xW:15xH:22,5 cm
  • Weight: 3,4kg

Mattress technical specifics (LTM930)

  • Mattress size: L:200xW:90xH:12,7 cm
  • Cell, base and cover material: Nylon + PU
  • Numbers of parts: 17
  • Numbers of parts with holes: 9
  • Valve: CPR
  • Packaging size: L:44,5xW:34,3xH:45,7 cm
  • Packaging weight: 12 kg
  • Mattress weight: 5,2 kg
  • Max weight: 140 kg