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DECONLOCK Decontamination Lock

Solution for Vaporized H2O2 and Gaseous ClO2 Decontamination Suitable for high containment facilities (BSL3)

■  Compatible with standard external generators available in the market

■  Internal socket for power supply of the load to achieve full decontamination (e.g. changing stations ventilation running)

■  Optional catalyzer to break down H2O2 eliminating the need for external ductwork

■  Only one hour decontamination cycle outstanding to carry out multiple routine jobs

■  6log reduction on spores of Geobacillus Stearothermophilus

■  Maximum safety of operations:

- Full glass doors with inflatable gaskets for perfect chamber sealing and barrier integrity

- Sampling ports and optional safety sensor kit for enabling door opening prior H2O2 residuals check

- Cable connections with external generators for signals exchange  

- Internal emergency buttons with self-releasing doors