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DBOX H2O2 generator

Hydrogen Peroxide Vapour generator for EasyDecon and Atlantis

■ Designed to provide a true and effective turnkey solution for a low temperature decontamination

■ Thought for the routine decontamination of consumables, tools and equipment within an enclosure (decontamination locks or cage and rack washers)

■ A unique supplier to grant a single line of responsibility

■ Permanently embedded in the hosting unit avoids: - extra floor space for external generator - procedures to set up the third party device - manual operations and connections, dangerous for safety of the process and the personnel

■ Shares the same PLC and interface as the main equipment for a real integrated solution

■ Safe H2O2 compartment with scale for full process control

■ In-house knowledge and expertise to support you in the SOPs and cycle development

■ The validation of the process is proven by using microbiological indicators (BIs) with a 6log reduction on spores of Geobacillus Stearothermophilus